The Best and Worst of 2012:Fashion Trends

Each year a bevy of fashion trends hits us square on the chest and leaves us speechless, breathless and completely enchanted. The Powers that Be decree the style du jour for the season and we find ourselves questioning all that we believed before (Hi Fashion Sneakers? Peplums to make our bothersome hips even broader?) or revelling in the validation of what we secretly loved becoming acceptable (Bold Statement Jewelry, Leather, Brights galore..).

It is the same cycle every year; we see something interpreted in a way that blows our mind and BOOM! Our wardrobe is streaming with sheer confections, peplum dresses, spiked heels and basically a laundry list of things we never ever thought we’d wear. That, my friends, is the power of fashion – brainwashing subliminal persuasion.

2012 was a lusty smorgasbord of trends which took on everything from opulent baroque, glittering deco and exotic tribal prints to ascetic leather, ladylike silhouettes and colorblocking. While we’re guilty of indulging in a bit of everything, end of the year reflections have made us wise to the fact that some trends were mere fads and some have the transcendent power to rock seasons to come. A year from now you’ll find us untagging a whole lotta pesky FB pictures, going by the list of the worst trends we’ve got, and a lot of them will definitely make it to our personal style archives (if said archives existed outside of our lazy heads). Without further ado, here’s the list of the best and worst fashion trends of 2012.

  • Worst - Heel-less shoes

    The bloggers loved it. We tried them on and found them surprisingly wearable. But beyond the shock and awe appeal, we wish this clunky trend a swift goodbye. Antonio Berardi, the creator of this quirk, says “When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty”. Well, Mr Berardi we most vehemently disagree. Walking like you’re about to creep up on someone is not our version of dainty. And we can only imagine how the shoes would feel like after a few drinks. Spectacular falls indeed.

  • Worst - Denim Shirts

    Denim shirts are so hard to wear without looking like you’re headed for a Western hayride. The style set, of course, pulled it off with their usual nonchalant aplomb. But we found ourselves floundering hard to work denim with any coolitude. We don’t mind seeing it on the Beiberbots (or is it Beliebers?), but on us, we’d like to keep denim where it belongs – on pants.

  • Worst - Pajama Couture

    Formal Pajamas might well be our decade’s version of the infamous Juicy tracksuits. We tried to convince ourselves that wearing sleepwear outdoors was cool, but we were fooling no one (not even ourselves). Jessica Alba killed it in pyjamas on the Red carpet, but then she’d probably kill it in a gunny sack too. So we apologise Stella McCartney & Co, this is one trend we’d like to see the back of stat.

  • Worst - Dresses Over Pants

    90s nostalgia is all good (we love the decade we grew up in, of course), but Dress over Pants trend was a trend we definitely did not want to re-visit. Sure, Karl Lagerfeld and Dries Van Noten made it desirable on the runways and Emma Watson rocked her Dior version at a movie premiere, but we’re sceptical about this one. It’s comfy alright, but it’s a bit dowdy don’t you think?

  • Worst - Spiked Everything

    Give us edgy, goth or grunge any day of the week and we’d lap it up like starving Alley Cats (getit?). But spikes took over our shoes, bags, jewelry and our clothes too. Tell us, how practical is it to carry a bag over a spiked shoulder top? Whereas we do want to look dangerous at parties in a mysterious, sexy way, not like we have an arsenal of WMDs strapped to our feet (aka Spiked Heels). Summing it up, spikes in mild doses was all good but then it took over our entire person, it was just too much. Hopefully, 2013 has something more refined for the books.

  • Best -Baroque

    Few things are more regal than Baroque fashion. The Baroque movement was possibly our favourite from the history books (we were awake during 17th Century lessons. Who’d have thunk it?). Which is why we loved the opulence, the ornateness of this trend. The decadent fabrics – brocade, velvet, jacquard; the sumptuous detailing; the embellished jewelry – things we could possibly never get enough of. We wish this trend a long, healthy life.

  • Best - Neon

    Dazzling hues of pink, green, yellow and tangerine popped up everywhere this season. We loved the versatility of the trend – you could downplay it with the ‘one bright thing’ philosophy or bring it with an all-neon colorblocked ensemble. It took over our shoes, bags and Shourouk ensured, our jewelry too! If it were up to us, we’d be color poppin’ for seasons to come (and we probably will!)

  • Best - Peplum

    Love it or hate it, Peplum’s had its fun this year. Contrary to popular sentiment, there really is a peplum for all body types. The pears can accentuate their waists with peplum tops, the skinny can add curves where there were none and the apples can claim a more-proportionate lower body in peplum dresses. We’re not sure of Peplum’s staying power, but it sure has left a mark on fashion this year.

  • Best -Leather

    Leather, Leather and oh, more leather? Bring it on. And there’s nothing BDSM about its 2012 interpretation. This year was all about leather taking over every single item of our wardrobes. Whether it was a leather trim on pockets, a pair of leather pants or biker jackets, the trend had its pride of place in our closets. We can thank Alex Wang and Givenchy for putting leather on our radar.

  • Best -Layering Jewelry

    Man repeller popularised the increasingly prolific wrist layering trend, we loved it and lived it to bits. Layers on layers on layers, arm candy (arm party as she likes to call ‘em) replaced chunky bangles this year. It was all about layering unconventional pieces together. Even watches were incorporated into the layering scene. We kinda (totally) wish this trend sticks around for a bit.

What according to you is the best fashion trend of 2012?
What was the worst fashion trend of 2012 according to you?

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