10 Manicure Ideas for Cool Girls

29-Apr-19 10:53 AM
Pratima Singh

  • This summer, step out of your comfort zone of boring ol’ French tips and Classic Reds and think  sunset decals,  glitter trickling down your nails If you’ve been looking forward to create some magic on your nails, then here is a list of deceptively easy to replicate manicure that you must try this summer: 

  • Matchy Matchy

    Nails that match your outfit give an impression of a nicely put together look. You can try out checks, polka dots, florals, Aztec or animal prints to match your outfit.  

  • Art Attack

    This is a brilliant way to extend the pop art trend from your closet to your nails with some bright colors and patterns on your nails.

  • Super Sheer

    Sheer nails look crisp, clean and futuristic. 

  • Floral decals

    Hand painted flower nails are less fussy and they look super cute.

  • Flirty Fruity

    It isn’t summer without fruit decals on your nails.

  • Blinged Up

    A fine stroke of glitter on nail tips is your way to understated glamour this summer.

  • Reverse French

    An upgrade to the classic French tip manicure, this one is simply elegant.

  • Holographic Nails

    This one is fun to look at under bright light because of its metallic rainbow effect.

  • Ombre

    The blended colors are visual delights to look at and they can be easily worked with summery, sorbet colored outfits like pinks, yellows and mints. 

  • I - Scream

    Frozen treats on your nails make cute, cool, colorful and crazy nail art.


instagram Image @Faballey