10 Reasons Why Dancing is the Best Exercise

17-May-19 12:23 PM
Pratima Singh

It’s time to get your groove on!

Dancing not only feels good, it has some major health perks. It is a potent cardiovascular activity and research shows it improves mental health by boosting your overall happiness. It also burns a ton of calories, makes your body more flexible and reduces time of recovery in case of an injury. If you're looking for a reason to shake it off today, check out some compelling ones listed below:

Boost Your Lungs’ and Heart Health: Who hasn't jumped around at a dance party lost in their favorite song? If you can’t seem to find your get-up and go workout then you must try dancing. This is a great cardiovascular exercise and with time you’ll notice that you aren’t out of breath – this shows that your heart and lungs are doing better.

Reduce Stress: Imagine being in the moment, dancing with your friends or that special someone - doesn’t just thinking about it already making you feel better.    

Boost Memory: Dancing requires you to remember a lot of steps increasing neural activity, which in turn helps in improving your memory.

Balance Better: Some dance forms require a lot of fast movement and frequently changing postures, helping you gain better control of your body.

Improve Flexibility: Twisting, turning and bending stretches your body in new ways, making your muscles more flexible; something that jogging doesn’t do. This in the end reduces your chances of injury in a fall and even reduces recovery time.  

Improve Stamina: Regular dance exercise boosts endurance of body muscles, so you can work harder for longer periods of time. 

Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is often a result of insufficient exercise and dancing is one of the most entertaining forms of ‘weight bearing’ exercises – a requisite to prevent this bone disease. Go girl! Dance for better bones!

This is Your Creative Outlet: With dancing, you are free to invent new forms, experiment with music and even choose your own costume and makeup to go to your dance routine.

Choose Your Favorite Dance Style: Instead of following a mundane workout routine, you can enroll yourself in your favorite dance form class be it Ballroom Dancing, Zumba, Buti Yoga or Jazzercise.  

Increase Social Interactions: A dance class provides a perfect atmosphere to hone your social skills if you are the quiet kind or make a few more friends if you thrive on social interactions. This is a place with people sharing similar interests, so why not make some good friends.  

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