10 Sexist Comments Every Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

11-Aug-16 05:34 PM
Meghna Paul

“Being a woman in this man’s world is tough”. Haven’t we all heard this at least once. No matter how much equality and feminism have been preached, they are never truly practiced. It’s like everyone is stuck with a mindset. How many times have you thought of trying to do something different and all you got to hear was “girls can’t do that”? Sometimes it’s your boss, your friends or your own family. Some mentalities just don’t change. Do they? There’s no end to the silly sexist comments every girl gets to hear.

Check out these 10 common sexist comments which we all are tired of hearing. 

1. Women can’t drive.

2. Don’t abuse, that’s so unladylike!

3. You’re not a girlfriend material.

4. Girls shouldn’t make the first move.

5. You’re turning 25 this year, it’s time to get married.

6. Women are the worst bosses.

7. Heavy Metal is for guys.

8. You’re a girl. You don’t have to worry about your career.

9. Don’t wear that. You’re married now.

10. Every girl should know how to cook.


instagram Image @Faballey