10 Things That Make Women Happy No Matter The Age

09-Aug-16 05:41 PM
Meghna Paul

 Happy woman is a myth! We say NOT! We don’t need a big deal to be happy. It’s the little things that bring a smile on our face.

A sale on our favourite brand, a long weekend off from work or when India wins a cricket match, are some of the many things which makes us happy.

We believe in the little joys in life, those which keep us going. Things like –

Sincere compliments.

A well struck bargain. 

Breakfast in bed. 


When an outfit fits perfectly the first time we try it on. 


A good hair day.


Handmade gifts.


When a new recipe comes out perfectly.


When we find an empty road on a weekday.


And an empty parking spot too.


Last but not the least ‘the four letter word’.

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