10 Things You'll Relate If Your Boyfriend Is Not As Romantic As You

27-Oct-16 03:01 PM
Meghna Paul

Life is tough when you’re all candlelit dinner night and roses type and your boyfriend is even alien to the word “surprise”. Situation gets worse when that significant someone can’t even take subtle signs and not understand why the new headphones is NOT what you want for your birthday.

If that’s pretty much your relationship situation, then read on to find out the 10 things you’ll totally relate to if your boyfriend is not romantic at all. 

1. You have to literally spell out what you need as a gift or else he ends up buying something absolutely unnecessary. 

 2. Your partner’s idea of a romantic date is picking up food and eating at home.

 3. He can never take a hint or go with the flow per say.


 4. Flowers, cheesy texts and grand gestures. Those are never happening.

5. Even if he ever plans a surprise, you already know what he’s probably planning out!

 6. When you tell him that you’re cold, the response you get mostly is “I told you to carry a jacket!”

 7. He thinks watching Star Trek Series on movie night is totally legit.

8. He frowns at the idea of posting adorable couple selfies on social media.


 9. When he tries to pull off something slightly romantic, he would just be awkward in midway and won’t know what to do next.


 10. But in the end… romantic or not your bae is your bae and you love him no matter what.

instagram Image @Faballey