10 Things You’ll Relate Only If You Have Been In A Girls’ College

12-Dec-16 11:27 AM
Meghna Paul

Imagine being surrounded by girls always, the time when you realize girls are way more competitive than you’ve ever imagined, or when you sense gossip sessions happening at one end from the other end at every point. These may be nightmare for most of the girls but it’s pretty much an everyday affair at an all-girl college.

Although every girls' college is different from the other, there are some things that can only happen in girl territory. More specifically, all-girl territory. Take a look!

1. Dressing up is an integral part of a girl’s life.

Every day at college is like attending a fashion parade. Slowly and steadily you also become more conscious and careful about how you look and you tried to keep yourself updated about what’s in vogue. But most importantly you learn to dress up for yourself. Knowing the fact that nobody is checking you out in college, you still dress up. You do it for yourself and not to please others.

2. Checking out guys is way too normal.

You checked out every random guy who entered the all-girl territory. Anyone who was even minutely good looking made headlines and became the universal eye candy. So much so that you develop a crush on the best male teacher out of the lot, even if he looks like Manoj Bajpai.

3. Every girl has the tendency to become an agony aunt.

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of your money on therapists because you and your girlfriends have become agony aunts. You listen to each other crib and then suggest them with ways to get it over with.

4. You can’t carry fake Chanel and Louis Vuitton and not get caught.

Coz they’ll not only know it’s fake but will also know where you got it from.

5. You realize that "Mean Girls" wasn't just a movie. That shit happens in real life!

The shit is real!

6. Beauty choices did become a little laxed...

For example: waxing your legs and arms was more than entirely optional. Especially in winters it’s all going to be covered up anyway!

7. There is no such thing as eating “like a girl.”

You realize that dieting is a myth when you see that the canteens are always jam-packed.

8. You become a true feminist.

No matter what your opinions are on Women's Rights, after getting admission in a Girls’ College, you become a hardcore feminist.

9. You become more open-minded about sex.

After all the open discussions about periods, sex, guys and so on you have learned that you’re not the only one with these problems and others faces the same issues. You become more liberal and have no problems discussing it in the open. In fact, you understand how important it is to talk about it in the open.

10. The group of girlfriends you made at school are the ones you will have for life.

Even after you have graduated, there’s one thing you take from this place, and it will always remain with you - friends for life. No one has seen you hairier, hungrier and, err, boy-crazier - and let’s be honest: if you guys can make it through girl-world together, you can definitely conquer this world!

instagram Image @Faballey