25 Types of Female Friends We All Have

11-Aug-16 05:13 PM
Meghna Paul

Some friends are for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime. But every friend is unique and special in their own way. Specially the girls, and you probably know this if you’re a part of a girl squad. They are undeniably the most entertaining to hang out with. Here are 25 types of girls we’re all friends with.

1. The Girly Girl

2. The One Who’s By Mistake A Girl. A.K.A Tomboy

3. The One Who’s Always Up For A Fight

4. The Intelligent One

5. The Flirt In Disguise

6. The One Who Is Too Innocent To Be True

7. The Foodie

8. The One Who’s Always On A Diet

9. The Who’s Too Stuck Up With Her Ex

10. The One Who Sucks At General Knowledge

11. The Impulsive Shopper

12. The No Nonsense Girl

13. The One Who Curses A LOT!

14. The High Maintenance Diva

15. The Weeper

16. The One Who Loves Cooking

17. The Selfie Queen

18. The Traditional-Turned-Mod Girl

19. The One Who Is Too OTT

20. The One Who Keeps Tagging You In Random Posts

21. The Match Maker

22. The One Who’s Way Too Bossy

23. The Brand Conscious Girl

24. The One With OCD

25. The Self Proclaimed Blogger

instagram Image @Faballey