5 Ways to Sport Sneakers Like A True Fashionista

09-Aug-16 11:50 AM
Surbhi Sethi

  • Before I begin this post, I want to say this so that we all remember – I love my heels. But boy, oh boy! I so want to thank whoever is responsible for making our standard vacation/workout bud so mainstream. Because how often does it happen that a fashion forward piece is so comfortable that you can practically live in it? And besides being supremely comfortable, sneakers have this amazing girl-meets-boy vibe that makes every look, just so much better.

    However, me sugar-coating things here won’t make it easy for you to imagine your gym kicks replacing your classic office heels or let’s say those party pumps. I bet you have your reservations about this flying at all. Right? Fret not. With the right styling, you too will be preaching sneakers for all occasions. Success is in finding the right balance and making your sneakers look like a deliberate styling choice and not a mere lazy girl’s comfort pick.

    Scroll on for some fabulous street style looks, that’ll reinstate your faith in sneakers and their power to amp up your round the clock looks:

  • An offhand plan with the girls is on the list? How does a flirty little dress paired with a pair of sneakers sound (look)? Keep your look fuss-free, just like the event in question, and go minimal with accessories. Shop hopping at the mall in these babies will be a delight.

  • Not all offices provide the luxury of wearing informal outfits, but many others like mine, do. So, if you’re one of us lucky girls, use the freedom and take your sneakers to the office. But don’t forget to throw on a chic blazer for that classy-casual clash.

  • I love a boho vibe. Add a pair of metallic sneakers and you have my full attention. A breezy hi-lo dress, a beaded arm party, out of bed hair and this killer pair of kicks is making for an ultimate music festival look. Don’t you agree?

  • Something about this look makes me want to wear it on a date. No kidding. The printed midi dress and the bright lip are enough girly, so a pair of wedge sneakers adds just the right amount of casual-cool to this look. Movies, coffee or lunch; this look is as sassy as it is low maintenance.

  • I wouldn’t go as far as sporting a pair of sneakers to a black-tie event, but hey, how many of those do we attend anyway? For a more semi-formal do, I highly recommend a chic dress and a pair of classic white sneakers. Add a mini messenger and an undone updo and you’ll create a new style statement. 

instagram Image @Faballey