Basic Building Blocks Of A Wardrobe

03-Sep-18 11:33 AM
Radhika Singhal

  • The ongoing cycle of new and old trends makes it very difficult to shop in a lot, in the fear that the staples will soon go out of fashion. Thus, we’re going back to the basics - the most necessary of wardrobe mainstays. The best part about each of the listed pieces is that they can all be styled in multiple ways that make them perfect for any occasion. Not to mention that they bring with them the classic timeless appeal.

  • Little Black Dress
    A black dress exudes elegance and style and is a must-have staple in every women's wardrobe.

  • Blue Jeans
    Nothing's more basic than a pair of blue jeans. Everyone has one!

  • White Shirt
    No wardrobe should be without a crisp white button down.

  • Blazer
    A Blazer is perfect for embracing workwear challenges while keeping comfort levels high

  • Black Leggings
    Keep your style casual or dressed up, leggings help you stay bang on and yet comfortable.

  • Leather Jacket
    When it comes to wardrobe staples, this iconic style is something every woman should own as it promises to become a wardrobe hero.

  • Basic Tee
    Relaxed, basic and down to earth, a basic T-shirt is essential for summer dressing. 

instagram Image @Faballey