Bucket List - Places You need to Visit Before You Turn 25

30-Aug-16 06:23 PM
Gurmehar Kaur

  • Sitting in office thinking of ways to escape the mundane life, day dreaming, visualizing things far and vivid; we’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug or just planning holidays endlessly. From the beach to the mountains; party mode or laid-back vacy; in India or abroad, we at FabAlley have jot down this little list that’ll help you narrow down to the places you need to have on your bucket list before you turn 25.

  • Africa

    Not just because Shakira say “coz this is Afrika!” But for its diversity. Visit Africa in your youth so you can see the endangered Wildlife, before it disappears forever.

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Where getting home at 8 a.m. isn’t looked down upon and breakfast at 2 p.m. is oh-so-normal. And of course for all the football fans out there, not going to Camp Nou definitely counts as a sin.

  • Spiti Valley

    Also known as “little Tibet”, the Spiti Valley is placed right in between India and Tibet. “Spiti” literally translates to middle land.

  • Ibiza

    It truly is one of the best places on Earth. If you're into dance & music, it is the number 1 destination that caters to everyone’s fancy, with acts ranging from Avicii and David Guetta to Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin no one will be left disappointed.

  • Andaman

    You’d be delighted at the sites underwater as you scuba dive and it will keep you coming back for more. And yea for all the water babies, it is no less than a dream come true!

  • Costa Rica

    Like Laura Carroll said "Hikes, dives, and sizable swells are the stuff Costa Rica is made of. While the Caribbean-Pacific paradise can be enjoyed at any pace—from resort stays to road trips—the spunk (and scrappiness) of your twenties make it a memorable adventure."

  • Paris, France

    Paris is always a good idea (especially when you're young). And once you’re there how about checking out the view from the top of Eiffle.

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