Curvy Lady Instant Style Guide

08-Aug-16 05:20 PM
Aishwarya Kaushal

  • Now that the fashion industry has realized that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, we are geared towards making curvy women feel a part of the loop. “Real women” have bodacious curves that are amazingly sexy and deserve to be flaunted in the best way possible. We suggest you wear whatever your little heart fancies but for some of you who are extra cautious, we’ve compiled a list of instant style tips that take your voluptuous look from drab to fab in minutes!

    It is extremely simple and quick to look polished and put together, no matter your size. Read on -

  • Wear Well Fitted Clothes

    Just because you have a luxurious frame does not mean you should shy away from body con silhouettes. We don’t mean going a size down and wearing something extremely tight, but throw on a well fitted dress and you’re sure to turn heads along the way.

  • Add A Belt

    When you have a lot of volume on your body, it is easy to lose your waist line. Defining your waist with a thin belt will balance out your curves and give the illusion of a more hourglass body.

  • Tuck Your Tops In

    You’d be surprised at how easily an outfit can look much more chic just by tucking your top in your skirt or pants. It instantly adds tons of class to your whole attire and looks like you put way more thought into your look than you actually did.

  • Make High Waist Your BFF

    Don’t be afraid of the high waist. An A-line skater skirt will help balance out a heavy top. It hugs you at your tiniest and falls into a flattering flare that conceals problems areas like, stomach, butt and thighs.

  • Stay Away From Ankle Straps

    A good rule of thumb for curvy women is to stay away from straps that fit at your ankles. It cuts your legs abruptly, making them appear stumpy. Instead, go for flattering pointy pumps that increase the length of your legs making them look taller, leaner and sexier.

instagram Image @Faballey