Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Leggings

09-Sep-16 02:59 PM
Gurmehar Kaur

  • We love leggings as much as we love those jeans that fit us oh-so-perfectly, sure enough given an opportunity you’d go with leggings any day; but wearing leggings does have a dark side too.

    Leggings are a tricky trend to pull off, if done right they can put you straight into the limelight and make you the showstopper! However, there’s a thin line that you must remember not to cross while you pull off this trend and step over to the unkept and tacky side. So to keep you off the fashion police radar, we’ve put down some dos and don’ts of wearing leggings. Take note -

  • Leggings Are Not Pants

    Leggings are NOT pants, as much as we love them, they’re not something you’d want to be caught wearing when you run into your ex or your boss.

  • No clingy/crop tops

    Clingy tops and crop tops are an absolute no-no ladies. Somethings are better left to the imagination. Let’s just end this one here.

  • Art of Layering

    When it comes to wearing leggings, you must put those layering skills to use. In winters, just throw on a long coat and on a less chilly day throw on a cotton shrug over it.

  • Balance it out

    If you’re planning on wearing printed leggings, we suggest you downplay the top and keep it to something that is simple and chic. This keeps you from looking like you’re trying too hard.

  • Wear a larger top

    Wear a mega size, super jumbo, uber comfy top to achieve the “just out of bed” look. To add to the comfy feel of the leggings, throw on a pair of uggs or boots. 

  • Wear it to yoga class

    Leggings are just what you need when it comes to working it out. They’re sturdy enough to get you through the split and breathable enough to keep you going through the workout. A combo we all want when we hit the studio. 

  • Jazz it up

    Add an accent accessory to go with the entire look while wearing leggings, you can opt for a pair of boots or a belt around the waistline to make a drab outfit instantly fabulous.

instagram Image @Faballey