Fashion Generation Gap: Us vs. Parents

09-Aug-16 04:10 PM
Meghna Paul

Heraclitus said, ‘Change is the only constant’ but our parents don’t seem to agree with this, especially when it comes to fashion. The difference between their sense of styling and ours is like the north and the south pole. And there’s certainly no way you will be able to explain to them why the top you bought a month back can’t be worn anymore even though it is in perfect condition.

However, it is funny how our parents perceive our fashion statement. Let’s find out the things which we say are cool but make our parents go hayo rabba!


Distressed Jeans

Parents will never understand why anybody would want to buy something which is in tatters and call it fashionable. Make sure your mom doesn’t get a view of those ripped jeans in your closet or she’ll take them to a tailor to get them fixed.









Short Clothes

No matter how cool your parents are, but they will never like the idea of you going out wearing hot pants, crop top or going backless.














 High Heels

If you are wearing sky-high heels to work today, be ready, your mom will be calling you more than the usual number of times, just to find out that you didn’t  trip and fall. 








 Getting a tattoo? Don’t even try to convince your parents for that. We suggest, just get it done and face the consequences.







 It’s ok to get your ears and nose pierced. But you are not allowed to pierce any other part of your body. No discussion!











Most Indian moms want their daughter to have long, black and nicely maintained hair. Getting your hair colored or getting a pixie cut maybe cool for you, but it could be no less than a nightmare for your parents.







 Expensive Watches

 All watches do one thing, they tell time, so why do you need a watch which is worth more than your month’s salary.  Good luck explaining to your parents why.


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