SS'17 Trend Alert- Fuchsia Fixation

18-Feb-17 04:36 PM
Radhika Singhal

  •   After several seasons of minimalism, it’s been really fun to see explosions of colour on recent runways. Spring typically means a gravitation towards light colors, but trend breaker hue ‘Fuchsia’ presented a particularly refreshing alternative to the usual hues of the season. 

    Here are some pointers how to incorporate Fuchsia into your outfits –

  •  Keep base layers neutral

    By base layers, we refer to the complimentary colours you are pairing your fuchsia separates with. Choose earth tones such as sand, cream, off-white, beige, or even gray to offset this bright tone.

  •  Adhere to “Less is More”

    This little nugget of wisdom is worth remembering all the time. If this colour is too bright for you, try going for accessories in this colour. Accessories don’t only serve as stand-alone eye candy — they can draw attention to your best features. Make it count!

  •  Use black and white to achieve a more dramatic look

    Fuchsia and other bright colours look even more vibrant when paired with a predominantly black or white outfit. Your fixation with fuchsia would stand out and make you grab all the attention when paired with a monochromatic color. 

instagram Image @Faballey