How to Get Fuller Lips

09-Aug-16 10:33 AM
Aishwarya Kaushal

  • Not all of us are blessed with sexy, full and luscious lips that speak louder than words. Rosy, pouty lips captivate attention like nothing else and look beyond sensual. You certainly do not have to go through painful and expensive procedures to achieve that dream.

    Don’t spend hours wishing you had the perfect Jolie pout because we present to you some sneaky little tricks that will give you voluptuous lips in a matter of minutes –

  • Exfoliate

    Use a wet and soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips in the morning. Not only will this result in fuller, juicier lips, it will also clean away dead skin and help relieve chapped lips. Your lipstick would also glide on much more smoothly and stay on longer. Don’t forget to apply your lip balm after exfoliating.

  • Gloss It Up

    A lip gloss will catch the light and attract attention. Small shimmery particles in the gloss will reflect light as you speak and make your lips a lot more captivating.

  • Line Your Lips

    When you’re not blessed with a full set of kissable lips, you can always cheat with makeup. Use a neutral toned lip liner to create a line just outside your natural lips and fill in with lipstick. This will result in believable looking fuller lips.

  • Bonus Tip

    You can apply a mixture of cinnamon powder and olive oil on your lips to make them instantly larger. Remember to use it in moderation as this mixture will sting and increase the size of your lips right away due to swelling.

instagram Image @Faballey