Inevitable Things that Happen on Holi

20-Mar-19 03:03 PM
Pratima Singh

Holi, like many other festivals in India signifies victory of good over evil, also marking the spring season and new life. This is a festival we so eagerly await and just can’t wait to indulge in bhang, fun and frolic, the mithais, the colours, water balloons and what not. Let’s take a look at what makes this hurling of color so irresistible and fun. Here’s to celebrating the vernal equinox of new beginnings and illumination, the Indian style.   

Your day usually begins with your mom running behind you with a bottle of oil.

Let’s admit that we spend hours on the group chat deciding whose building to go to, which is also in close proximity to our crush’s location.

Your phone finds a new home – that waterproof pouch.


The best part of the day is that you get to decide your weapon of mass destruction – water balloons or water guns? 

You get smeared in not just water and colors, but beer, eggs, food and a number of miscellaneous things, remnants of which are found while you take a shower. 

You mostly don’t care by now because the bhang has already kicked in.

It’s the bhang that makes you toss away all the diet plans and hog on the scrumptious savories like gujiyas, kachoris, mathris and mithais.

Again it’s the inebriated state that makes you realize that there is this girl/guy you never realized you fancied before and you would give anything to be dancing cheek-to-cheek with him/her. 

Water spills and people slipping in it, one by one

Possibly the only day when you can proudly not care how you look because you are too busy having fun.

instagram Image @Faballey