SS 17 Trend Alert - Walk the Line

18-Feb-17 12:47 PM
Radhika Singhal

  •  Stripes are a huge trend that you must incorporate into your summer looks this season. However, before you take the stripe plunge, it’s imperative to know your stripes.  There was an influx of stripe styles from the iconic breton to breezy seaside stripes spotted on the runways and here’s your chance to know more!

  •   Breton Stripes

     The iconic breton stripe originated as part of the French naval uniform and is still made fashionable by street style stars. It is very popular and can easily be spotted at fashion weeks and casual brunches alike.

  • Shirting Stripes

    The most popular in men’s clothing, pencil stripes are often referred to as pinstripes. Women can rock the narrow stripe as well, but to keep it looking fashion forward, opt for non-work silhouettes like a romper, palazzo, or an off shoulder top. 

  •  Seaside Stripes

     Like the name suggests, seaside stripes refer to the mix of colored stripes on a white background. Update your summer style by opting for a candy striped skirt paired with a bright top, giving you a perfect blend of sweet and sexy.

  •  Shadow Stripes

     Known for their vertical, even, colored pattern stripes with another stripe bordering them to create a shadow effect, shadow stripes vary in width and consist of two to three colors. Dresses with shadow stripes will make you stand out from the crowd.

  •  Prison Stripes

     The prison stripes pattern refers to the widest sized stripes and usually consists of evenly spaced solid stripes on white. They make a bold statement, especially in bright colors, however, may not be the most flattering for every body type. 

instagram Image @Faballey