SS ’17 Trend Alert - Ruffle My Feathers

18-Feb-17 04:24 PM
Radhika Singhal

  •  The ruffle trend has left a trail of admirers in its path - frills and all. It adds softness to tailoring, movement to minimalist offerings, and always a sense of charm and drama, which are all essential to your chic wardrobe.

     Ruffles act as their own accessory, so there’s no need to add any jewels. These oversize undulations go nicely with pumps or sandals in a complementary but not a matching color.

    Get some serious style inspo from these leading ladies on how to ruffle it up!

  •  Emma Roberts

     The Scream Queens star looks fab in a ruffled shirt paired with denim jeans in her street style attire. It’s all about keeping it simple yet classy so fill up your closet with ruffles and make your way to a rad new look. 

  • Gigi Hadid

    Gigi has a real flare about her style! She shows off her long legs in a dramatic ruffled skirt paired with a basic white tank top, a look perfect for a brunch date with your girls. 

  •  Selena Gomez

    This teen heart-throb definitely knows how to own a look and in this ruffled violet dress, she looks like fire. Try this look for your next date and you won’t go away unnoticed. 

  •  Blake Lively

    Blake Lively, the former queen of the Upper East Side, stunned us with her ruffled, princess style gown at Cannes last year. Take in her Cinderella gloriousness in all its detail. Kudos to her impeccable style!

instagram Image @Faballey