The Big Overhaul: How to Remain Body Positive in 2019

03-Jan-19 05:51 PM
Pratima Singh

From a very young age, women are taught to think about their inadequacies. They are presented with an alternate, ‘ideal’ version of being that makes them chase the worshipped/more acceptable type of hair, body, skin etc, which they do not possess at present and end up feeling unhappy in the whole process of achieving something so irrelevant. Are you ready to look at you differently? Here is a list of daily practices that will instill you with the confidence to put your hand on heart with no equivocations and convincingly say that you like, love, care, trust, respect, appreciate, and value yourself, irrespective of the ‘norms’ set by others. 

Recognize – ‘We come in different shapes and sizes’

Love that stems from a positive place allows you to accept yourself just the way you are. Belly squeezing undergarment ads might look promising for a ‘transformational’ journey, there me be friends and family members who are ‘finally doing something about their body’, incessant social media posts displaying a perfect body and the vicious cycle of goal settings and results can leave you drained. Recognizing that we come in different shapes and sizes and putting an end to chasing unrealistic aesthetic aspirations will bring you peace and solace in being yourself.     

Practice Positive Affirmations

Write positive aspects about yourself and recite them loud and clear with confidence in order to make your mind believe that you are worthy of love, care and respect.  

Express Gratitude

Viewing your life with disdain can kick start a cycle of negative thought process. It is crucial to appreciate what you have and train your mind to see positive in every situation. Do not let others’ life, body, money or thoughts bust and vandalize your mental windows and keep you from becoming your ideal self.      

Accept Compliments

Never negate a compliment or be awkward in accepting it. Accept it as it comes to you with just a simple Thank You. 

Practice Self Care

A little attention to your body goes a long way. Self-care keeps you from mental and physical exhaustion, the two common factors that can downplay all aspects of your life. This is a practice and not a one-time deal, hence self-care requires a commitment but it yields results that are amazing. For example if you choose to meditate daily as a part of your self-care regimen, then you are likely to achieve a calmer state of mind.      

Be Kind

Often overlooked, kindness is a virtue and a valuable opportunity to grow and learn. It also helps in nurturing a part of our soul that makes us feel good when we exhibit goodness for others.   

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