The Perks Of Living With Your Boyfriend

25-Aug-17 04:37 PM
Smriti Gurung

GROSS… GROSS… GROSS… Is it the very first word that strikes your mind whenever you think of living with your significant other? Hold on, girl! Everything has pros and cons, and the same holds true when you start living with your boyfriend.

You’re probably on the verge of going nuts time and again, but there are a lot of benefits of being in a live-in relationship. Fraught with doubts? Read these 6 advantages of living with your SO and trust us, you’ll soon be calling your bae to say, “Hey, baby! Let’s move in together!” ;)

1. Even if you’ve had the toughest day at office/college, your bae will always be there to cheer you up. Isn’t that cute?

2. Love to cuddle? Hey! You have your boyfriend by your side, any day and any time.

3. Cleaning the house on weekends would not only be fun and interesting, but it will also help you to get closer to your partner.

4. You don’t have to plan or search for a safe place to make out. You can go at it whenever you want to.

5. Whether you are going out for movies, shopping or live concerts, you don’t have to find a companion. Your partner will be there to accompany you, always.

6. At the end of the day, there’ll always be someone to take care of your likes and dislikes and make you feel loved & special.

instagram Image @Faballey