10 Things You Will Relate To If You Love Wearing High Heels

08-Aug-16 04:03 PM
Meghna Paul

Most of the girls have a love-hate relationship with heels, but not you. You are seriously committed to them! You love how high heels make your look taller, slimmer and HOT af. When your friends complain about shoe-bite and bruises, you shut them by saying “If your shoes are not hurting, they are not helping”.

If that sounded like you then you surely are in for a lot of relatable stuff. Read on –

People pick their outfit first and then choose matching heels. But you build your outfit around your footwear choice.


Wearing flats doesn’t make you feel complete


Your stilettoes give you your own background music and you love it when you enter a room and everyone takes notice. 



You can literally do anything wearing high heels.


Your Instagram feed is full of feet pictures with your fave heels on.


You don’t understand why kitten heels are considered as “heels”.


And this is how you judge people.



Red bottom Louboutins are the only things missing in your life.



This is your dream proposal.



Even the scariest things about heels can stop you from wearing them.



And why should you? Even scientific study has proved that it can make you look more attractive. So, ladies next time anybody lectures you on why you shouldn’t be wearing heels, show them this


instagram Image @Faballey