8 Timeless Pieces You Should Own By The Time You’re 25

11-Aug-16 05:40 PM
Meghna Paul

  • No matter how much you love to experiment with your style and latest trends, there are some key fashion pieces which form the foundation of your wardrobe. And by the time you reach your mid-twenties, you realize the value of quality and smart buys in your wardrobe.

    No, no! We are not here for any lecture. We all have those binge shopping days, wherein we buy anything and everything, just to realize after a month that they are no longer in fashion. Therefore, it is utterly important that you invest in some quality key pieces which will not only stay with you for long, but also ensure that you always look stylish and sophisticated.

    So ladies, take note. Here are the 8 timeless essentials you need in your wardrobe pronto!

  • A Classic Bag

    A bag which is big enough to carry all your nitty-gritty and sturdy enough to bear everyday wear and tear, is a must, must have. It is wise to go for a good brand, so take time to do your research. Also, pick a color which goes with everything and can be taken to most of the occasions.

  • A Little Black Dress

    The LBD is a no-brainer basic that every girl has by now. But does your LBD only work at certain occasion? All you need is a versatile LBD that can be worn to work, dressed up for a club night, and dressed down for a casual evening. Opt for a bodycon fit or a shift dress which can work wonders for you. Remember to accessorize according the event.

  • Versatile Pumps

    Never underestimate the power of classic black or nude pumps. If you don’t already own a pair, it’s time for you to get one. Don’t scruple to shell out some extra bucks, it’s an investment you certainly won’t regret.

  • A Black Blazer

    A black blazer is not just for office; you can wear it with jeans and heels while out with your squad, use it to tone down a cocktail dress or wear with your basics to smarten up your look. Plus, its classic tailoring flatters any figure. Make sure the tailoring is done right otherwise it will make you look too drab.

  • Delicate Jewelry

    No matter how much you love your statement pieces. But, a gold necklace with a pave pendant, diamond studs or a dainty bracelet will make you look classy like no-one's business! They go with almost everything and can be worn daily. 

  • A Great Watch

    It doesn’t get classier than a beautiful timepiece. Whether you want to keep it casual or dressy, a watch will add that touch of elegance to any look you choose. Although most watches go with everything, it’s wise to keep an eye on the style you choose for a specific occasion.

  • A Trench Coat

    Versatile, flattering and super classy, a trench coat is a must for the chilly months of fall. A trench coat looks absolutely flattering on any body type and can be practically worn over anything. Opt for classic detailing, such as medium lapels, a double-breasted bodice, or a tie at the waist; and looking stylish will not be such a hard job during winter.

  • Riding Boots

    While it’s totally fine to splurge on trendy pairs of boots, but it is important that you save up for a good-quality pair of boots. Pick a sleek knee-length, no-heel style which will provide ultimate comfort and take you from season to season. Style them with dresses, skirts and pants to create a super chic look.

instagram Image @Faballey