Style Hacks Every Girl Should Know To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

16-Sep-16 04:37 PM
Gurmehar Kaur

  • The one thing every woman dreads going through is a wardrobe malfunction, and we have to admit we’ve all come face to face with this demon at least once in our fashionable moments! From runways to the side walk; from the Red Carpet to your cousin's wedding; from election speeches to compering on stage; from a day out shopping to lounging at home and from office to public transport, these horrid events are like ghosts that follow us but you can never predict when they’ll appear. Whether you’re a lady boss or a college girl, we’ve all had our “Oops” moments.

    The thing about wardrobe malfunctions is that the more you try and avoid them, the more they come flying at you when you least expect it! So to keep you one step ahead we’ve put together a few style hacks that’ll steer you out of these situations like a breeze.

  • Avoid the Nip-slip

    Don’t wear anything that is too loose, this will help keep things in place. Also just to be 100% sure, wear nipple pasties!

  • Do a Dress Rehearsal

    Wear your dress for a couple of minutes before you actually head out to the main event, make sure your clothes fit you just fine and at the same time you have enough space for moving around. Jump, Skip, hop and run! This literally is your test run.

  • Double Sided Tape

    Use double sided tape to make sure nothing moves from its place. Be it holding a tube in place or keeping your bra straps tucked under that camisole.

  • Perfect Posture

    Keeping the right posture will ensure that the garment fits perfectly, leaving no scope of error!

  • Underwear Options

    Choose your underwear wisely, you don’t want your underwear screaming out from under that bodycon dress. Be smart, and keep it sexy. By that we don’t suggest you go commando but opt for a G-string or a thong.

  • Don’t Skip The Bra

    Don’t skip to wear that bra under your sexy backless or a low-back dress, instead invest in a bra converter and see it work its magic.

  • Flash Test

    Do the flash test at home before you go step out in front of the paparazzi (we know you want your undergarments to remain under!

  • Pinning It

    Lastly, to be extra sure, you must always carry safety pins! Never know when they’ll come in handy.

instagram Image @Faballey