Transitioning from Grey Thursday to Black Friday and a Cyber Monday that doesn’t Feel So Blue!

22-Nov-18 05:45 PM
Pratima Singh

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s the official ‘do not keep calm’ time if the year with Black Friday 2018 marking outset to the Christmas and New Year shopping season. Originating in the US, Black Friday has become a global shopping phenomenon symbolized by marked down prices and a collective madness for sales, offers, deals and discounts. With the biggest shopping week right here, we certainly do not expect you to not swipe your cards ‘uncontrollably’ but we do want you to shop guilt free, at least as much as possible.

The full-blown shopping event isn’t confined to just being a day, it has now transformed into a week with Cyber Monday too added to the list. There are so many overwhelming discounts and offers around that we require a thoughtful shopping plan to avoid breaking the bank. Here is a lowdown on how to spend wisely this Black Friday and still get that euphoric sense of crazy shopping.

Step 1 - Set a Budget; Step 2 - Stick to it!

With mad shoppers and crazy discounts doing the rounds, you may feel energized to splurge. To avoid overspending, you can set a Black Friday shopping budget aside and promise yourself to not spend anything over it.

Make a list of All What You ‘Actually’ Need

Don’t let the shopping hype fool you and conduct a thorough online research and pin the stores that are offering the best discounts. List down all that you need and check out what do the stores have to offer on your product of interest and then make a fully informed purchase.    

Score the Best by Skipping the Rest 

Instead of rushing into the popular brands, you may consider checking a few lesser known ones that may actually give you some great deals. 

Now is the time to Shop Your Favorite Fashion Brands  

We should all work on having some statement, elegantly beautiful clothing and accessory pieces that are refined, classy, simple and practical. But refinement comes at a greater cost and Black Friday Sale may just be the right time to get your hands on those beautiful pieces that you’ve been eyeing for days.    

This is the best time to Shop for Gadgets/Electronics

Go bag that mobile phone, laptop, TV, play station that you have been wanting to buy for one whole year.

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