6 Tips To Help You Take The Perfect Selfie

09-Aug-16 12:08 PM
Surbhi Sethi

  • Selfies have evolved far more than the silly pictures that we take when no one’s looking. They’ve become official announcement makers of every activity of our mundane lives. We now have a #iwokeuplikethis selfie, got a #newhaircut selfie, I just #workedout selfie, I’m #eatingthisshit selfie; and in some cases (we’re looking at you Kim K), #Belfies too. We’d let you Google that one if you don’t know what that means.

    While Kim Kardashian may already have made it official that it’s ok to take 15-20 selfies at a time to finally get a share-worthy shot, we do want our game face on in this weird and wonderful world of seflies and aim for perfection with minimal effort. Not to ignore the major complex we get whenever we look a meticulously art-directed, unapologetically hashtagged portrait of Karlie Kloss or Joan Smalls or any other supermodel while ours end up looking like an epic fail.

    We’re no models, but hey, we too can take our selfie obsession to the next level by learning a thing or two about lighting, angles, backgrounds etcetra and nail the art of taking a perfect selfie. So, ready up with your pens and pads, or better infact your phones, while we share some pointers on how to look really really good in a selfie.

  • Tilt your head

    Tilting your head at a certain angle can do wonders for your selfie. It highlights your cheekbones, make your eyes look bigger and lend off a totes adorbs vibe.

  • Make use of Natural Light

    The right lighting can make your skin glow and your hair shine, resulting in a killer selfie. Try standing next to a window or just step outside and make use of the natural light to get a great pic.

  • Wear a Bold Lipstick

    Like we needed another reason to do so! A bold lip color can give your pic a focal point taking your kissy face to a whole new level of sassy. So bring out that hot pink lipper and click away.

  • Find your signature pose

    Whether it’s the hands-in-the-hair pose, the raised eyebrow pose or the ever famous pout face; once you figure out what works the best for you (after having taken two hundred thousand selfies of course), stick to it!

  • Hold the camera above your head

    This is a great angle that flatters most faces. Just hold the camera a little above your head, chin down a tad and your doll face is ready for a selfie. This way you can also show off a little bit of your cute outfit.

  • Have fun while you’re at it

    If you seek impulsive double tapping on your selfies, you’ve got to make sure you’re having fun while taking them. A good mood always comes across in a picture and if you have fun while clicking, chances are, you’ll end up with some great pictures.

instagram Image @Faballey