10 Things You’ll Discover When You Start Living In With Your Guy

16-Aug-16 05:10 PM
Meghna Paul

In college, we learn to live with strangers. After college, we learn to live with friends. There’s even a phase in life where we have to learn to live alone. Next, some of us choose to live with our more-than-friends.

Although living with friends and with your boyfriend isn’t exactly the same but that doesn’t mean it has to be too hard either. You’re surely going to learn a great deal about him, which can eventually make or break the relationship, but it is a great way to understand and see each other in a different light.

So if you’re planning to launch into relationship cohabitation, these 10 things are definitely coming your way. Read on –

1. Cleanliness issues

Either he doesn’t bother about cleanliness or has an obsessive cleanliness disorder. There’s no in between. However, the percentage of the latter is few, so be ready for clothes lying all over the place, unchanged bedsheets and a lot more.

2. His weird interests

If you thought his over enthusiasm for cricket and football was too much to handle, then you’ve seen nothing. Once you start living with him, you may get amazed by his huge porno collection or the unnecessary tech magazine subscriptions.


3. He cares a lot more about his looks than you thought

You may have seen him wearing his fave tee and old Levis over a 100 times but his range of products for his face and hair can give you serious competition.

4. You fight differently

You’ll fight on who’ll do the dishes, whose turn is to switch off the light tonight, why the other one forgot to bring the groceries… and the list is endless.

5. His sensitive side

No matter how tough a guy acts, he’s a softy deep inside. You’ll be surprised by the things which make him emotional.

6. He’s just another Momma’s Boy

Guys may never agree, but they are all mama’s boys at the end of the day. Period!

7. Things he does only for you

Sooner or later you will notice him putting in effort into a lot of stuff. He may have never cooked in his entire life, but he’ll help you in the kitchen often, he won’t fling his dirty socks just anywhere and other little things that will make life a little easier for you.

8. The new levels of intimacy

You’ll wake up together, you’ll get ready together, and you’ll go home to each other. You’ll see his best and the worst side. You’ll grow closer and understand each other more than ever.

9. Change in sex life

For the better of course! Once you start living together, you can do it whenever and wherever you want with no fear of being found out!

10. You’ll realize living with him is so much easier than living with any other person

No matter how happy or how terrible or how uneventful your day might have been, you will always want to come home to him because this is where you feel safe and loved.

instagram Image @Faballey